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The Premium Quarter Beef Package is our most popular package. It's a great butcher's choice sampler pack with an assortment of premium cuts like filet, rib steak, New York, sirloin and plenty of ground beef. 



Pricing  $7.35 per lb hanging weight 

Price includes USDA-Certified processing fee

Deposit Due to Reserve Order  $150

This initial deposit is non-refundable.

Estimated Hanging Weight  200-275 lbs

This is the steer weight after initial slaughter and processing

(hide, head and organs removed).  

Meat received averages 60% +/- of hanging weight.

Average Cost  $1,470 - $2,025

This is an estimate. Final prices will be calculated using the actual hanging carcass weight of steer received.

Example of Cuts You May Receive

Beef is flash frozen, vacuumed sealed, and labeled.​

This is based on typical yield. Actual cuts may vary. 

Steaks are cut 1" thick, 2 in one pack

   14 Round Steak
     6 Rib Steak
     4 Filet
     4 New York
     4 Sirloin
     3 Packs of Short Rib
     2 Sirloin Tip
  50 lbs Ground Beef

Recommended for: First-Time Buyers and Small Families (2 adults + 2 small kids)

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Beef Order Form

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