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About Us

hemp leaves
founder of luca farms

Our Story

Nestled in the heart of Austin, we began our journey with a passion for wellness and a vision to share the transformative power of CBD with the world. Our journey evolved from a local endeavor to a remarkable adventure as we partnered with a farm in the breathtaking landscapes of Colorado.


Through careful observation, informed farming and extensive research, we learned the nuances of cultivating hemp, allowing us to source only the best hemp CBD extract for our products. Crafted with care and backed by nature's wisdom, our offerings are designed to holistically nourish both body and mind.

Who is Luca?

The name Luca Farms is a tribute to the founder's late, beloved blue pit-bull, Luca. He was a playful goofball, a spirited rebel-rouser, and an endearing rascal who never failed to light up a room. He wasn't merely a pet; he was a source of transformative comfort and support in the owner's life. Just as CBD had a profound impact on the owner's well-being, Luca's presence brought a similar sense of calm and joy.

  loving memory of Luca.

Luca the Pitbull
luca from luca farms
luca farms supports autism hope alliance

Autism Advocacy

As autism awareness advocates, we proudly carry the Autism Approved seal from Autism Hope Alliance.

Our goal is to foster a welcoming, inclusive environment by crafting products that meet the diverse needs of individuals on the autism spectrum and those impacted by it. This dedication underscores our focus on understanding, empathy, and enhancing the quality of life for everyone.

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